About Us

About Us

We embrace intelligence to illuminate the path forward

Technology for humanity

We provide access to answers across the entire diagnostics continuum. With our help, patients, clinicians and communities can spot trends sooner, respond quicker and chart the course ahead with greater accuracy and confidence.

Transforming diagnostics

Our innovations have changed diagnostics. From our dry chemistry that delivers testing access where there is none, to respiratory testing and tracking breakthroughs that offer much needed intelligence in a world of uncertainty, we’re at the forefront of diagnostic science and care.

Passion for the unknown

We know diagnostics has the power to unlock a healthier future for all. For over 80 years, we’ve relentlessly pursued the unknown with a passion and purpose to improve health. And we’ll continue to raise the bar, bringing clarity and insight in settings from home to hospital, lab to clinic.

Possibility to probability

Turning complex data into actionable health insights is more than a mission. We understand patients, their families, clinicians and care providers worldwide depend on our products for answers that save lives—and we innovate every day to exceed their expectations.

We harness the power of diagnostics to improve lives

We proudly continue our legacy of innovation, with industry-leading expertise in immunoassay and molecular testing and award-winning solutions in clinical labs and transfusion diagnostics.